Susie MacMurray

[1959 - ]

Susie MacMurray is a British artist whose work encompasses sculpture, drawing and site- specific installations. A former classical musician she retrained as an artist, graduating with an MA in Fine Art in 2001. She has an international exhibition profile, her work having been included in exhibitions at the Royal Academy and Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Manchester Art Gallery, the Museum of Art and Design in New York and the Museum of Architecture and Design, Los Angeles. Earlier this autumn she had a highly successful exhibition at Danese Corey Gallery in New York. She lives and works in Manchester.


An engagement with the human body, and continuing exploration of new materials is central to MacMurray’s sculptural practice; her role is that of an alchemist, combining material, form and context in deceptively simple ways to stimulate both physical and cultural associations within those who encounter her work.

Intricate large scale pen and ink drawings are an important part of her work, but she extends the possibilities of making drawings using far less conventional materials, including rubber tubing, hair and wax.

MacMurray has gained a reputation for thought provoking site-specific installations in a variety of historic spaces, which have included Pallant House in Chichester, Attingham Park in Shropshire, Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire and the magnificent medieval church at York St Mary’s. These works reference the history of the space in question, the specifics of the site and the meaning of the materials used to raise questions about the relationship between the place and its occupants, past and present.